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♥ Writer’s bookshelf

Posts at Writer Unboxed

♥ Making a Comeback in the Digital Age

♥ Writing Through Adversity

Posts at the Risky Regencies

♥ Ideal Characters (Traits of the ideal romance hero/heroine, deal-breakers)

♥ Writer’s Block (Does it exist and what do we do about it?)

♥ Backstory, Info Dumps and Character Intros (When and how to reveal a character’s backstory)

♥ The More, the Merrier (On writers’ challenges)

♥ Collages (Collages as part of the creative process)

♥ What do you get... (On organizing a writers’ retreat)

♥ Funny and Furry (On animal characters in romance)

♥ Skipping the Sex Scenes (On why sex scenes shouldn’t be skippable)

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